A Hidden Gem

Eight years ago I stumbled onto Holy Trinity Monastery. I was determined to find my way back again and brought it up in conversation with a local who immediately identified where I was describing and how to get there. One day last week when my children were driving me crazy at home, I loaded the car with peanut butter sandwiches and away we went on a good old fashioned country drive. The promise of peacocks kept my little ones intrigued as we drove over the rolling hills, saturated from morning thunder storms, to the quaint little town of St David, Arizona. The morning was peaceful, the grounds completely vacant with the exception of about a dozen peacocks... Well, the grounds were peaceful. As soon as my children saw the birds, and as soon as the birds saw my children, there was some serious peacock talking, and equally as shrill a giggle coming from my kiddos, who were beside themselves with laughter over the silly call of these gorgeous birds. It was a great outing, I'd highly recommend this little bump in the road for a stretch and a picnic. Oh, and could someone PLEASE get married here and hire me?! Talk about an amazing Catholic chapel in which to wed, photographically speaking!