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Sometimes, when working with toddlers and small babies, there is a need for second chances. I experience this all the time with my own children who are 19 months apart in age. To date I have only three really good photos of my boys together, with neither child blinking, two smiles, and looking in the same general direction. My secret? Patience, and fruit snacks and other edible joys; a big brother will do quite a bit for the pleasure of one solitary fruit snack...

And so it was that this charming young man, on our first encounter, truly wanted nothing to do with his baby sister. It happens. Mama had expressed that her dream pictures were of the kiddos together and I tried my best to fulfill the request. We tried just about every way we could think of to coax him into the same frame or even in the background of the photo. No dice. A forced toddler will only turn ugly, quickly. Fortunately we had the opportunity to meet up once more and by the grace of the photography gods, our little man was more than obliging! A different day = a different child! He sat and cuddled like a champ and we were handsomely rewarded- pun intended! Enjoy Mama, I hope we got what you were after!

We have been blessed this past year with the gift of local Grandparents. My husband's parents live just 20 minutes away. Now, for some families, the idea of in laws living 20 minutes away is maybe a thorn in the side or an awkward inconvenience. However, for our family, their close proximity is an absolute gift. My heart lights up when my mother-in-law calls and asks if they can come over with Thai food, or even better, her own home cooked Japanese wonders! Pop visits frequently for brown bag lunches and a quiet swing on the back porch. A babysitter is just a phone call away. We frequently escape our routine for a drive over to the homestead, and evening spent in "the garden", countless hours exploring the many tiny wonderful treasures that embellish Bachi's (Japanese for Grandmother) counters and cupboards. Recently the family home survived a few weeks worth of construction and the end result is a lovely tiled patio with French doors. We spent the whole evening with the doors wide open, soaking up the warm sunshine and the cooler night air blowing in. The Baby showed off his new crawling skills and The Boy picked through a box of old trains and matchbox cars from his father's boyhood. When it was time to pack up for home The Boy announced "No thank you, I'll stay here." This from a boy who 10 months ago had severe separation anxiety! My favorite part of time shared is when my boys crawl up into someones arms for a cuddle, a story, a tickle, or a love and I get to witness the bonding between Grandparent and babe. It's even better when I actually have the forethought to have camera in hand.

I was SO excited after this shoot that I actually plugged into the laptop and was downloading the images off my camera on the drive home! The only problem with this idea is that I crested the back road coming back towards Fort Hood, driving into a gorgeous tangerine and cotton candy sunset, and a blackhawk helicopter rose up out of the trees in silhouette right in front of me and I had no camera to get the shot! What does Homer Simpson say? "Dope!"

This incredibly laid back family had not one, but two major hams competing for the lens. I mentioned to their mother that I've been wanting to do a shoot out at Belton Lake and she was quick to accept. The day was perfect. There was a cool breeze off the lake, evening sunshine, comfortable warm weather for bare toes and shoulders. The little man was VERY gracious for the camera, oodles of smiles and easy to please. Sweet baby girl was in love with the grass, the quilt, the tiny pebbles on the playground, and chocked full of gummy toothless grins. Thank you for inviting me to share in the joys that have been bestowed upon your family! Enjoy your sneak peek!