It was darn cold, and down right windy, but my photography students from Fort Huachuca braved the elements for a chance to "Photo Walk" in Tombstone. This was our first walk in Tombstone, and in fact we did not walk that far as there are so many characters and distinguished actors milling about the main street it is hard to stray far from the beaten path. Parents be advised that the legends speak in rough cowboy tongues and don't seem to curb their slang for even the littlest of curious ears! And EVERYONE is willing to pose for a snapshot with you, even if only for the chance to whisper something completely inappropriate in your ear... It was a great day, I think my favorite image is the door handle to the Tombstone courthouse, of all things, a door handle, but it sure it "perty"! Our next Photo Walk will be in Bisbee on March 12th, at 9am. Please contact me for information on how to register and join us!

I LOVE to shoot the details... Gosh, sometimes I think I can spend an entire day shooting the little details, things that most people walk right by. In fact, today even, I was out on the parade field on the post, it had been snowing which is rare in this part of the country, so I was out preserving the details with my camera. I nearly got arrested preserving those details, apparently the Army frowns upon people photographing on the installation. Duh, I realize my husband's office if off limits but the local cactus? Really? Here are some lovely details from a winter wedding, though you can't hardly tell it's winter as we are in the desert.

(If the images in this post appear blurry, please click on the image itself, it will open in a new window and look a lot better!)

Every time my parents visit from New York we try to explore some place new. Last week we took them to Saguaro East National Park on the eastern side of Tucson. We arrived at around 3pm and stayed until sunset. You wouldn't think that in the middle of winter there would be much to photograph. In a few weeks everything will be in bloom, and in the middle of summer the monsoon storms will roll in from the mountains and create fantastic light and clouds. But right now everything is that dull brown characteristic of winter desert. Just makes you work that much harder to study the lay of the land. I think I have about fifty awesome macro shots from the day, it will be a miracle if I ever get to play with them and post them. The kids are just so busy and into everything these days. But here are a few that jumped out at me. The full moon rose that night as well. Of course, those busy kids had had enough of traveling, they were hungry and tired and sick of being in the car. I got to snap three or four shots off the side of the road as it crested the Rincon Mountains, and that was all.... This place is well worth the visit, bikers beware, there are some serious hill climbs should you choose to cycle the 8 mile loop!

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I've had the privilege of working with this young lady several times as she graciously volunteers to model for all of the Photo Walks I lead for Fort Huachuca. Recently we took a group of seven photography students to Bisbee, AZ, to roam the streets and practice portrait lighting techniques. The morning was really beautiful, if not a little chilly. We were shooting on Brewery Gulch, a street that at 9am boasts sunshine on one side of the street and shade on the other. It was the perfect situation in which to learn about bouncing and reflecting light and then diffusing the light for that perfect glow. All of these shots were taken with natural light, no flash, and come straight out of the camera except for resizing and watermarking. Flawless skin, gorgeous girl, glorious morning = perfection! Thank you "T" for always volunteering and honoring our every request!
A couple of these shots feature my students in action, just thought I would throw in a little perspective. If this kind of event sounds like fun, we have another walk scheduled for Saturday, February 26, at 9am. Please contact me for details! We also have additional walks coming up in March!

Saint Valentine was said to be a knight.
Just thought you should know.
In a house full of men, one must twist the details of this delightful holiday,
to engage the interest of those less interested in flowers, candy, and the mushy love stuff.

If you think this is a clever Valentine, which we made into stickers and gave out to friends with candy, check out the uber creative mother behind the concept at Mila's Daydreams.

This was literally The Bundle's very first reaction to seeing snow. Can you hear him? It was more like "ooooooooooooooh!" and it was stinkin' cute! Gosh I'm in love with my little people, they are so charming!

Winter in the desert can be a total bore. I like to take this time to go for long walks with my camera and really look at the landscape in search of hidden beauty. I'm really enjoying "fractals", which are naturally occurring patterns, but I'll save that for another post. My kids love to harvest these seed pods and then stomp on them to watch them break open and float away in the wind. I don't come home with a hundred pictures on these walks, but I always come home reminded that if I just slow down and look, there is always something beautiful waiting for my lens.

Wish you knew a little more about how to capture the essence of your town? Wish you knew how to use your camera's settings? Wish you knew more about light and how to make it look awesome? You should consider joining me for a photo walk!

What is a photo walk? A three hour walk through an amazing local nook, complete with models in period dress! I will show you what to photograph, how to do your subject justice, how to find the best light, and how to walk away with the best images your camera can create!

On February 26th, from 9am-12pm, I will be leading a photo walk through the town of Tombstone, Arizona. I am working on behalf of the MWR Arts & Crafts facility on Fort Huachuca. Call their office at 520-533-5550 to register for this class and get all the details about meeting our group!

Could anything be more precious than a napping infant? Even after they overtook your marriage bed the night before? Even though their little feet remained wedged firmly in your rib cage through the wee hours of morning? Even though they camped out at the breast for eight hours straight? Yes, nothing could be more precious....

Nothing compares to scooping up your baby and having them cling to you, hug you, rest their head on your shoulder, nothing. Awhile back we were at the playground, my friend and I with all of our kids, with cameras in hand. Granted, with four little ones and my youngest finally mobile and getting into everything, we seldom get more than 5 clicks of the shutter before someone gets injured, has been assigned the role of "monster" and no longer wants to play, or needs to be hoisted into a swing... I met this friend when she attended my digital photography classes offered through the Army, and she is such an eager student, I just love when she calls and wants to get out to "play" with her camera. So on this day we got talking about sun flare and in the briefest of moments I demonstrated where she should stand her subject, and where she should shoot from, and I think I took three frames before I was blinded by the sun. When I got home I found this picture and man, does it ever make my heart flutter when I capture a great shot of a wonderful person in my life!