Coming Soon! Tombstone Photo Walk

Wish you knew a little more about how to capture the essence of your town? Wish you knew how to use your camera's settings? Wish you knew more about light and how to make it look awesome? You should consider joining me for a photo walk!

What is a photo walk? A three hour walk through an amazing local nook, complete with models in period dress! I will show you what to photograph, how to do your subject justice, how to find the best light, and how to walk away with the best images your camera can create!

On February 26th, from 9am-12pm, I will be leading a photo walk through the town of Tombstone, Arizona. I am working on behalf of the MWR Arts & Crafts facility on Fort Huachuca. Call their office at 520-533-5550 to register for this class and get all the details about meeting our group!


Sassyfrass said... at February 5, 2011 at 2:30 AM

I want to come!!! OR, you come HERE and do a photo walk! ;)