Ten Months Old, Ten Times More Motion!

Ten months already. He can stand, he has figured out that if the music table is on hardwood flooring he can push it around and actually walk from place to place as though it were a walker. He has his favorite kitchen cupboards, cooling racks and cutting boards all over the kitchen floor every evening as I cook supper. He smiles more than anyone I know. He babbles and makes noises with his tongue that make the rest of the family hoot with laughter. He is adorable, and he totally knows that we are all wrapped around his little finger. He isn't a big boy. He's very tall, but lacks the rolls of baby fat his brothers both had. Probably because he eats healthier than all of us combined. He gets mostly homemade baby food and has a voracious appetite, in fact that is the only time you will hear him scream or fuss, if you aren't shoveling dinner fast enough. And then he wants down again, to crawl, and stand, and scoot, and boy is he fast! He is predictable, as though God looked down upon me and thought "she has three, and this one was unexpected, so he will be an absolute joy, an easy baby." For all of this I am grateful.