You are now looking at two reasons why haven't been blogging... The Baby has had many firsts this week. Among them: his first swing in the park, which made him cackle with laughter; his first successful effort to sit up by himself, which he has since mastered; his first time pulling up to standing completely alone, which came at the lake today, pulling himself up onto the soft top cooler, and then proceeding to open the top of the cooler to serve himself; his first bottle feeding with Mommy at the helm; and last but certainly not least- two new teeth! The teeth have caused many a sleepless night which in turn has caused "Mommy stupidity". "Mommy stupidity can be characterized by putting 2 1/2 year old little boys to bed without a diaper, taking children to the lake without a single towel, and completely forgetting an hourly care appointment made a week ago for this afternoon so Mommy could go swim laps. To The Boy's credit, he stayed dry the entire night without the diaper! To my credit, I did pack extra clothes for the lake and improvised the drying and cleaning of little ones with a burp cloth. But I cannot believe that I missed that appointment, a weekly appointment that I typically LIVE for- 2 whole hours child free for exercise and sanity. A blessing in disguise I guess as the lake was breezy, no more than 82 degrees, and my boys were on their best behavior. The Baby even napped for 40 minutes in the stroller by the beach allowing me to build an impressive sand castle with The Boy. Funny thing I can't seem to get over: even in the southern states, where the temperatures soar well into October and November, the beaches and outdoor pools still close on Labor Day!


Julie Rivera Photography said... at September 20, 2008 at 10:22 AM

What a hysterical picture! He does look like he is growling or about to attack. :) Glad to hear the lake was such a success...towel or not!