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Ahhh, date night... not a frequent event in our house lately but there is light at the end of the tunnel since we just moved onto a street overflowing with teenagers. Since arriving back in Arizona it has been a frequent suggestion by my husband to head over to the charming artistic town of Old Bisbee, an idea I have shot down every time because toddlers and art galleries just don't go together. So when we finally scheduled an afternoon without kids it was our delight to sneak in a 30 minute drive over to Bisbee to wander the streets, critigue the galleries, hunt for treasured antiques, and devour the most amazing, simply outstanding, Mexican food we have ever tasted. My words of advice, the sidewalks in this town roll up early during the summer and everything is closed by 5pm if not sooner. Plan to go on the 2nd Saturday of the month when Bisbee hosts an Art Walk through more than 30 shops and galleries, and enjoy all the wonderful sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and characters of this culturally rich artistic town until 8pm. Follow our lead and visit Santiagos Mexican Restuarant, order any combination that includes the traditional 'mole', pace yourself on the chips and salsa, and prepare to experience a culinary flavor so unique (there is chocolate in the recipe!) you'll wonder why anyone would consider it rude to actually lick a plate clean! Dinner was so delicious, and portions so generous, we completely forgot to order dessert. I guess that means we will be going back! After such a meal, we chose to wander up into the steep hills of this quaint mining town, winding our way through alleys, stairways with glimpses of breathtaking gardens; I was all the while in search of places to take my highschool senior portrait sessions and found no less than 100 nooks and views. Enjoy this collection, I'll say it's a first of many becuase I know that we'll me going back for more 'mole'!


Julie Rivera Photography said... at July 15, 2009 at 7:50 AM

Hey, I took a family self portrait in those very same mirrored walls! Love what you did with it, though. (Still need a better hair picture... :) ) Somehow, we will figure a way to get out there for some delicious Mexican food. Oh, and visit you guys!