Baby To Boy - Sierra Vista Children's Photographer, AZ

We are sprinting through milestones at the Kuniyuki house these days. After weeks of correcting innocent, well meaning citizens, who were complimenting The Baby's curls - "Oh, SHE'S so adorable!", I decided that maybe it was time for the first ever haircut. After all, I have two sons. So off we went to the barbershop, both boys in hand, to "take a little off the top". The Baby watched with great enthusiasm as The Boy hopped happily into the barber's chair and began his trim. But when it came time for The Baby himself to climb in the chair he would hear nothing of it. Snickers arose from onlooking soldiers who insisted that the child would not be getting that haircut after all; how dare they doubt the cunning resourcefulness of an experienced mother! Rule Number 1 of First Haircuts: If you are a photographer and wish to capture the moment, bring someone with you to hold The Baby. I found myself alone, cursing myself for being alone on such a mission, and had to set down the camera. Grrr. Mama took the chair, The Baby, and whipped out a reserve package of Smarties and the scissors were hardly noticeable! The Baby was suddenly a grinning champion of the Barber's chair! So I turn to my audience, which has now grown to 5 adult male soldiers and I ask "who is feeling the Kodak moment?" One willing Sergeant steps up to the plate and confidently grabs the 15lb camera but fails to admit that he hasn't a clue where the viewfinder is, what it's for, or how to focus the damn thing (let's not forget this is a HAIRCUT, so the HEAD of the baby, the BARBER, the SCISSORS, the COMB, are all acceptable in the image...) After he snapped two silly attempts (the two middle images in my collage) I hadn't the heart to ask if anyone else in the room had an ounce of skill with an automatic camera with auto focus, come on people- Canon is doing ALL the work for you! Okay, enough sarcasm from the evil photographer/mom who documents everything. Fortunately, The Baby didn't get scalped, and he got a package of gummies afterward that guarantees he'll get in the chair again and you bet I'll be taking my husband along for that one so I can man the lens! The last two pics were taken later the same day, after some rigorous play, resulting in sweet little sweaty curls, be still me thumping heart. Though we took off 3 inches he could clearly go shorter, but The Baby is transitioning to "boy" much too quickly for now.


Anonymous said... at October 4, 2009 at 7:12 AM

My, you deliver on REQUEST Very Well!
And "Sargent Thumbs" was extremely talented to capture that expression in the babe's eyes. Skepticism at it's best. Love the 2nd to last shot, That's my doll!! MeMom loves the curls.

Life with Kaishon said... at October 4, 2009 at 10:25 AM

Oh my gosh : ) He is SO cute. What a fun story. I always laugh when people don't want to use my camera too! I say, 'it's so simple, just push the button.' and I end up with some very interesting sights : )

Julie Rivera Photography said... at October 5, 2009 at 5:53 AM

Wow, those curls! I have to agree, it was time to hoist the baby into the chair and get him groomed. :) He looks so cute now, with those little locks, still curly, but shortened around the edges. Compared to the Baby, the Boy looks ready for the Army... :)

Carebear said... at October 6, 2009 at 11:37 PM

LOL at the story. He looks so cute with those sweaty little curls. I remember the little beast's first haircut. Such a bittersweet moment...

Holly said... at October 12, 2009 at 5:06 AM

there are girl out there that would do dastardly deeds for such curls! He is darling, and WHAT a transformation from before and after the hair cut! One smooch-able little face!

Anne said... at October 12, 2009 at 6:06 PM

Karyn, Mariel STILL won't let anyone else cut her hair. She will only let me trim it, which is a lot of pressure. I am envious of both his curls and your bribery skills!