Growing Up, Growing Closer... ▌Cochise County Photographer, Arizona

It would appear that every half year I am blessed with children who love eachother and willingly show their love for the camera. Dang it! If I had only known that this was the morning, I would have put their Christmas outfits on them and I would be ordering my cards this very moment! In any case, having my husband home from his business trip has afforded me a few extra moments this afternoon to wander down memory lane and revisit some of my absolute favorite images. I thought the age progression of these was pretty fun to see, ENJOY! (The boys are 22 months apart.)

July 2008 (The Baby is about 7 months old)

October 2008 (The Baby is about 11 months old and crawling)

April 2009 (The Baby is about 17 months old, and walking)

October 2009 (The Baby is just shy of 2 years old, and wrestling!)


Lauren said... at October 13, 2009 at 6:01 PM

Love these! Especially the last one. I can't believe how grown up your boys have become.

Julie Rivera Photography said... at October 14, 2009 at 5:59 PM

I cannot BELIEVE how much older the Boy looks. His smile is still infectious as ever, but it has lost that baby look to it. And the Baby is a baby no more, either! What a great series of images!