Donut Daze ▌Sierra Vista Photographer, Arizona

It dawned on me that once I have a newborn in my arms, taking photographs everyday is going to become considerably more difficult. So this past weekend I found myself attempting to capture more of those random everyday moments as we trekked through our simple weekend routines. Photography at this point has become difficult, more of a standing, point and shoot effort, rather than my preferred "hang upside down with the child" methods. I used to wonder why the hippos at the zoo weren't more active; why we would only ever see them laying around, or standing at the trough. Well, at 36 weeks pregnant, and quite resembling a baby hippo myself, I know that hippos don't do that much because, well, it's just not possible to romp and run and play and squat and duck for cover when you are sporting all that girth! I apologize ahead of time, this first image is going to cause everyone to want to head out for fresh donuts...

"Mummy Yummy!"

Now if that smile isn't worth the effort of going out for donuts, I don't know what is!

The donut shop has two booths outside. It was about 55 degrees and perfect for a hot cup of coffee and some fresh sunshine. Someone didn't care for my frequent interuptions...

My, how he has grown, and the higher he climbs the more terrified I become of the teen years...

"Anything he can do I can do better! But this is getting a little high.... um, help?!"


Julie Rivera Photography said... at March 2, 2010 at 8:43 AM

And now that the long awaited Shipley Donut place is open a mere mile from our are cruel, Karyn! I am losing baby weight here! :) Glad you are still entertaining yourself in the way you can as you lumber about with a full grown infant just waiting to get out.