Eyes On The Bride

If I could get married again there are few things I would change. But one thing I always think about it how not clever I was about my details. These days it's my job to notice the little details, and they are everywhere! If I were a bride today I would not shy away from an unforgettable themed wedding, a totally western wedding, or a Hollywood glam wedding. I would definitely wear shoes with bling, or red shoes, or blue shoes, or vintage shoes, or couture leopard print shoes... I would choose a bouquet of succulent cactus instead of roses, I would carry a bouquet made of vintage butterfly pins, YES there is someone who now makes those on Etsy! There are so many ways to make a wedding special, and most of them are a photographer's dream come true... Speaking of dreams come true- I am so desperate for the opportunity to photograph a traditional Indian Wedding I think I would do the leg work for free. Know someone having an Indian Wedding?