Hog Princess

One week old. I LOVE these sessions. It's part skill, part luck, all timing, and a lot of patience. I don't have to worry about getting the baby to smile at this point, I just have to be ready for whatever she's going to give me. I've been waiting to photograph this precious little princess for a very long time. I've had the joy of watching her mother grow, and grow, and grow. I had the joy of fetching the big sister for an overnight when we finally got The Call. I got to hold her in the hospital nursery shortly after she was born. And in just one week she has changed so much! Perhaps the best part about working with friends is the lack of pressure to perform. Of course I want to deliver the most stunning images I can muster, but there is also a little extra room for creativity because I will ask my friends to do crazy things, like wedge their one week old newborn onto the fender of their Harley, just because it might look neat. When the Harley was offered as a prop my mind spun with excitement and I spent most of my vacation last week thinking up ways to capture the essence of the bike while keeping the focus on the babe. In the end, our gorgeous tiny subject broke every newborn photography rule and was wide awake for most of the session. Most of those sleeping shots? She blinked. But when it came to the fender, she nestled right down and we nearly had to wipe drool off the bike she was snoozing so hard. I'd say 16 years from now, we're going to have a serious biker chick in the family, but watch out boys, Daddy is a Harley riding Marine!


Julie Rivera Photography said... at October 11, 2010 at 5:52 AM

The bike shots are incredible and will definitely melt Daddy's heart (as if it weren't already melted...). I love the contrast of those "harder" shots with the sweet knit hat and sweater one. Very nice work, Karyn!

Merrie said... at October 11, 2010 at 5:52 PM

How sweet!!! I hope the Mama checks out your blog so I can send loving wishes her way and say "What a beautiful baby girl,Congratulations!
I'm so glad everything worked out so that Karyn could be there to help out. She so enjoyed her "sister" experience." These are some outstanding pictures, really love the last few.I hope I get to see the album.

Margaret said... at October 12, 2010 at 11:27 AM

These pictures are absolutely awesome. In watching you create the shots on daddy's Harley I was wondering "how is she going to do this?" With your patience,planning and creativeness you pulled off some outstanding pictures. Such a nice variety ~ I love them all. You are truly an artist. Wishing you the best!
~the proud grandma, Margaret