Stunning Saguaro

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Every time my parents visit from New York we try to explore some place new. Last week we took them to Saguaro East National Park on the eastern side of Tucson. We arrived at around 3pm and stayed until sunset. You wouldn't think that in the middle of winter there would be much to photograph. In a few weeks everything will be in bloom, and in the middle of summer the monsoon storms will roll in from the mountains and create fantastic light and clouds. But right now everything is that dull brown characteristic of winter desert. Just makes you work that much harder to study the lay of the land. I think I have about fifty awesome macro shots from the day, it will be a miracle if I ever get to play with them and post them. The kids are just so busy and into everything these days. But here are a few that jumped out at me. The full moon rose that night as well. Of course, those busy kids had had enough of traveling, they were hungry and tired and sick of being in the car. I got to snap three or four shots off the side of the road as it crested the Rincon Mountains, and that was all.... This place is well worth the visit, bikers beware, there are some serious hill climbs should you choose to cycle the 8 mile loop!


AEM said... at February 24, 2011 at 11:34 PM

Your mini hikers are so stinkin' cute I just want to take a bite out of them!