More tears, more great pics!

Honestly, I can hardly remember a thing from yesterday's homecoming. My dear friend and fellow photographer, the very talented Julie Rivera, was with me to document the homecoming of my own soldier. She said it perfectly in her blog, that the overwhelming screams from the crowd, the music, the tears, was all too much and she had to focus on one thing, the camera. I have to agree, because I can only remember what I saw through my lens, and I am still processing those pictures while one foot heads out the door to the next ceremony this morning! Please head over to Julie's website:Julie Rivera Photography to see her take on the day. And shoot her a comment begging for her to throw all her photos into my Kodak Gallery for families!


Anonymous said... at February 11, 2009 at 5:03 PM

Julie has put up the Story of Karyn on her blog, well worth the keystroke to get there!