Bath Time Buddies ▌Sierra Vista Photographer, Arizona

I found my key to low light level photography: returning to monochrome. Whenever I find myself in low light situations, I end up hating the yellow cast that results in all of the pictures. I have found that by setting the camera up to a "user defined" monochrome setting with high contrast and high sharpness (I'm using a Canon 40D), the results are much more fun and require little to nothing in the Photoshop stage of editing. This week I find myself trying to capture everyday moments in our house before I run out of opportunities and free hands. I'm shooting at ISO 1600 most of the time (at night our big old house is like a tomb) and most shots are between F1.4 and F3.0. Regardless of the fuzzy noise from the high ISO, I still think I've caught some keepers.


Merrie said... at February 25, 2010 at 12:03 PM

Wow,the Baby! Love that pensive over the shoulder shot. Looks like he is milkin his last days of being the baby for all it's worth. I also like the monochromatic touch.

Julie Rivera Photography said... at February 25, 2010 at 12:45 PM

Oh, those are precious! My girl was asking when the baby can bathe with her...hmm, will there be an attempted drowning?! :) Great tip on the monochrome setting. It is working like a charm for you. Guess I need to give it a whirl, if I have that much enthusiasm at that time of day!