The Big 4! ▌Sierra Vista Photographer, Arizona

The Boy has just celebrated the most anticipated Star Wars themed birthday of his little life! He says "Please" and "Thank you" with frequency, laughs and smiles easily, can empty the silverware tray from the dishwasher, and baffles me with his never-ending stream of questions. He drives his preschool teacher crazy by refusing to write his numbers and letters properly, but surprises us at dinner when he chooses to discuss the "interface" on Daddy's computer. He has mastered the ipod. Happy Birthday to my Big Boy, I am so proud of all that you do, but especially fond of your loving heart. We MUST be doing something right...
I have been working so hard lately, to finalize every business oriented task prior to the new baby's arrival, that I had no intention of posting these. Alas, when I awoke this morning at 5:05am, eager to assault the restoration images I have waiting for me, I discovered that they were not on my computer ready for me, but rather locked up on my sleeping husband's computer. I didn't have the heart to wake him, and that is how the birthday blog came about. You might also notice that these pictures look a little wacky. Well, have you ever seen an Army facility? Usually concrete, usually old, always painted white or cream, sparsely decorated, nasty fluorescent lighting and no windows, in one word: UGLY. We held The Boy's party at the Army Arts and Crafts Center. My husband and I agree that it was the most relaxed, easiest, and most enjoyable party we've hosted yet. We didn't have to clean our house for guests, a simple ziti dinner, a kid friendly craft (they glazed ceramic "fighter jet" piggy banks, and a space to run around where the kids couldn't hurt anything. Too easy! Back to the UGLY part though, I decided that I would tinker with some filters that would modify the backgrounds. I can't say that I love the effects, but I certainly learned a little in the process, and that's always good!


Julie Rivera Photography said... at February 25, 2010 at 12:49 PM

I have looked at these a couple of times and just didn't have time to comment...or read the paragraph that accompanied the pictures. And I wondered what was different about some of your pictures?! :) That filter effect is fun. I thought it was something Star wars related somehow. I can't believe he is 4. His beloved still misses him. Wish we could have celebrated with you all!