I graduated from the University of Arizona without having ever attended a single NCAA sporting event. I loved sports, I just didn't want to sit and watch them, I'd rather be playing myself. I don't think I ever cared about college football until I met my husband, whose love for the game and pride for his school, the beloved University of Michigan, is so infectious you can't help but dress head to toe in Maize and Blue and order chicken wings every Saturday.
Saturday night we were given tickets from a friend and traveled, sans kids, yes you heard me right, we had two different baby sitters and drove an hour from home to attend the game and enjoy a whopping 7 hours of uninterrupted adult conversation!! It was bliss. The game could not have been uglier, flags on nearly every play and no tremendous excitement until the very last minute. I spent most of the game pondering why the WildCats have the words "Bear Down" as their catch phrase... Pardon me, but all I could think about was childbirth. (Insert snicker here.) We were actually walking down out of the stadium to avoid the mass exodus, stopping at each level to peek at the progress of the final 2:46 minutes. When it became clear that there was one final opportunity for something to happen I ran down to the base of the section and looked back at the fans, hoping to get a great shot of the game winning touchdown. I didn't see the touchdown myself, but I saw it through the eyes of some very happy fans:

I always love the faithful fans who come with their padded seats, and headphones for the play by play action.

Just checking out the school spirit on all levels.

In the final minute there was a moment of confusion, a whistle blown and for a moment we all wondered what planet the officiating was coming from.

Relief and joy as we score the game winning touchdown. Go WildCats!