First Day Of School

He has always been referred to as "The Baby" since I don't blog my children's names for safety reasons. But I guess the name has to change. Baby's don't go to school. "I've got school power" he says to me with gusto... Drop off was super, 20 minutes later he was crying and wouldn't have snack with his new friends. The school called. "We just want to let you know that he is having a hard time." In my mind I am thinking "Okay, thanks for the call, I just want you to know that I love him very much but I'm not coming right back to rescue him, and he will be okay." Can you tell I'm not a first time nursery school mom?! I'm sure there are parents out there thinking very bad things about my parenting, but as mother of three boys, I know better than to become a helicopter parent. My Non-Baby needs to do something without Mommy hovering. And I was right, this time; he is doing fine as we roll in to week three. He stumbles here and there, but hey, he's two. Of course, here is the obligatory "first day of school" snap shot on the front stoop, so cheeky.