The Story of Noah - Sneek Peek

I heard the car pull into the driveway and my heart leaped with excitement! I was meeting Noah for the first time, and I was laughing out loud because it was raining buckets for the fourth straight day, in Texas, where rain does not fall for so many days in a row, and here I am meeting a baby named "Noah". Noah's mother and I met in Korea, she was the angel who welcomed me home from the hospital when I gave birth to The Boy, (the angel that cleaned my apartment and delivered four course meals FOR WEEKS after the birth!) As it does in military life, the miles have numbered between us. That doesn't take away from my excitement when our dear friends welcomed their own little boy into the world this past November. I was thrilled when I heard that Mama and Baby would be coming to Texas to visit family; I was honored to have a chance to spend the morning with three generations of this family and their precious little man.
So, it's still raining, pouring and dark and we are huddled around the one window in my living room that gets decent light, and I ask how Noah got his name. The answer gave me goosebumps for never before have I heard such a poetic reply to this frequently asked question. Noah's parents knew they wanted a Biblical name and a name that he would have to grow into and live up to as an adult. In the Bible, Noah did not listen to other people; he followed his heart and he listened to and followed the word of the Lord. And so, he was named "Noah".
Noah, to me, you are the epitome of your parent's love for one another, you are all of the best of your Mommy and Daddy combined, you are perfection and your smile is going to get you OUT of a lot of trouble ;) You will certainly live up to your name, and I anticipate a few phone calls from your Mom when you are three years old and disobeying every single request she has for you. It will be a privilege to watch you grow and hear your stories, thank you for the beauty you brought to my day!


Anonymous said... at March 14, 2009 at 6:46 PM

Karyn, these are wonderful, love the one of Noah sleeping at the end. And the three generations. There's one happy grandmother in that shot!! Hope the rain stopped long enough for your homecoming shoot. Looking forward to those pictures and the ones you'll take later out here.

Holly said... at March 15, 2009 at 4:27 AM

wonderful shots and what a cutie pie!!!!

Julie Rivera Photography said... at March 15, 2009 at 7:55 AM

Those first two pictures are incredible and then the last one of preppy sleeping baby is amazing! Such great work, Karyn. And it is wonderful to preserve the three generations together. That can't happen too frequently in this military world of ours...